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Chenshan to exhibit water lily this weekend

by Jiao Yang views

A month-long water lily exhibition will be held in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden from August 18 to September 18. Themed as “water lily world in peace”, the exhibition will show the quiet elegance and vulgarity of water lily. By then, various water lily species, reintroduced and preserved by Chenshan, will put on show. Visitors will feast their eyes on the enjoyable view.  

Over 300 water lily species has been collected to exhibit this time. Some species, first display in Shanghai like N.stellata, N.'Jakkaphong', N.'Tropic Star', are arranged in eight exhibition areas.

And better yet, as the representatives of the aquatic plants on the dinner table of towns along Yangzi River, “8 aquatic Immortals”, meaning Water chestnut, lotus root, water celery, Manchurian wild rice, water shield, water caltrop, fox nut and Sagittaria sagittifolia, will be shown at the aquatic showcase area. Royal water lily, the popstar for public education will also keep meeting with the visitors.

Colorful public events, like “Garden Lecture”, “Baby Sitting Royal Water lily”, “Water lily Natural Notes”, will be held to interact with visitors, who may learn more about water lily’s culture. Meanwhile, an international symposium will be held to convey the values and outcomes of Shanghai and Chenshan through water lily.

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