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Cladopus rediscovered in Guangzhou Province

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 The internal shape of Cladopus nymanii The specimen of Cladopus, now archived in the herbarium of South China Botanical Garden(SCBG), was first collected by S. Danest under a riverside rock located in Conghua district, Guangzhou in November 1985. There hasn’t been any collecting record over 60 years until the research team of full-coverage conservation plan recovered it in the wild of Guangzhou on January 18, 2019.

The Cladopus nymanii is a tiny moss-like plant just millimeters high. It grows on river rocks and blooms in winter. It requires water of a very high quality to survive. The plant must grow in a particularly suitable environment. The group only discovered two small Cladopus nymanii clusters in a long mountain stream, and each is estimated to have only a few hundred Cladopus nymanii plants. In future, they will keep its deep research on the plant evolution in Guangzhou plant as it can be seen as an indicator of a healthy environment.

the structure of the flower

the habitat of Cladopus nymanii